TODO: Improve Spell-Checking

Things related to SpellChecking that should be done:

  1. In LatexOutput, misplaced words (and suggestions for them) are not shown. See TODO item at TGenericHTMLDocGenerator.WriteSpellChecked.

  2. Implementation of this should be improved to be incorporated inside PasDoc_TagManager. PasDoc_TagManager should divide descriptions into words. Advantages over the current approach:

    • aspell will not have to understand the final output format, because aspell will always receive plain text queries. Right now, aspell receives HTML / LaTeX content and has to decode it into plain text itself.

    • aspell will not check things that should not be checked, e.g. contents of LongcodeTag and CodeTag.

    • With auto-linking, identifiers that were automatically turned into links will not be checked.

    • Implementation of the generators will be cleaner: no longer will there be a WriteSpellChecked method. Everything will be written using WriteDirect / WriteConverted. Generators will not have to decide what parts should and what should not be spell-checked.