PasDoc ยป PasDocGui

pasdoc_gui is a GUI interface to the whole PasDoc functionality. You can find it inside pasdoc releases in the bin/ subdirectory, along the traditional command-line pasdoc utility.

The way to work with pasdoc_gui is simple:

  1. Set the options as you wish. First of all, add the source files to process on the "Source Files" tab.

  2. Save your options as "pasdoc settings" (*.pds) file, this will allow you to load them back later. 3. Generate documentation by the big fat "Generate" button, or menu item (shortcut F9). For HtmlOutput, we will automatically run WWW browser to view newly made documentation.

You can always press F1 when you work with pasdoc_gui, this will open your configured WWW browser with help appropriate for currently focused control.

Documentation of some GUI-specific functionality: