PasDoc ยป IgnoreLeadingOption

CommandLine option --ignore-leading=<leading-characters> makes PasDoc ignore <leading-characters> at the beginning of comment lines. This means that you can decorate comments like

 * Test
 *} procedure Foo;

{ ***************
  * Test2
procedure Bar;

and run pasdoc like

pasdoc --ignore-leading=* my.pas

to avoid these star characters in documentation.

Consecutive occurrences of the character are ignored too. Whitespace preceding the character to ignore is irrelevant. Trailing characters (like in * MyTest *) are not removed from the comments. This is compatible with JavaDoc behavior.

This doesn’t interfere with the --staronly and --marker options as these are handled before the characters are stripped.

As --ignore-leading is a string-option you can even assign a string to it instead of a single character, e.g. --ignore-leading=*!. But this is not supported (meaning: the ability to pass more than 1 character to --ignore-leading may be removed at some point; you’re welcome to send reports to our mailing list if you find a good justification for this feature to be "stable").