PasDoc ยป ReadDescriptionFromFile

PasDoc can read descriptions from external files specified by the --description (short form -R) option on the CommandLine.


pasdoc --description my_descriptions.txt unit1.pas

The description file must have the following format:

The multi-line description
for item1 goes here.
The description for item2 goes here.

ItemN should uniquely identity the item you want to describe. It is safest to use a fully qualified name, including the unit name, like UnitName.ProcedureName or UnitName.TClassName.MethodName. But you can also omit the UnitName. qualifier, if you don’t worry about duplicate identifier names in multiple units.


This is the description of TMyClass in unit UnitMyClass.
This is the description of the constructor of TMyClass.

Inside the item’s description, you can use all the PasDoc features and tags as documented on WritingDocumentation.

The --description command-line option may be used multiple times. All the description files will be processed.

If the item already had a description in the source code, then the description(s) from the external file are appended at the end to the existing descriptions, separated by a paragraph break.