PasDoc ยป SeeAlsoTag

You can use @seealso tag to show a list of related items in description of a given item. Allowed parameters for @seealso tag and their meaning are the same as for @link tag:

@seealso(PossiblyQualified.ItemName [and optional link display name])

You can use @seealso tag multiple times in the same comment to specify multiple items that are related to this item.

In output documentation, this will result in "See also" section created in description of this item. This section will list all items specified by @seealso tags. Abstract descriptions (the one created e.g. by @abstract tag) of each related item will also be shown.

Simple example

{ @abstract(Converts an integer to a string.)
  @seealso(Format) }
function IntToStr(const Value: Int64): string;

{ @abstract(Converts a string to an integer.) @seealso(IntToStr) }
function StrToInt(const Value: string): Int64;

More advanced example