PasDoc ยป OtherTools

Subdirectory source/tools/ inside PasDoc sources contains some useful programs related to PasDoc. They are either small programs helpful for development of PasDoc, or tools that use PasDoc units to do other tasks.


Converts any text file into a Pascal string, so that you can compile text files inside your program.


Converts any file into a Pascal array of bytes, so that you can compile binary files inside your program.


Pascal preprocessor. It reads the Pascal source file given on the command-line, and outputs it’s processed version to the standard output. Features (all inherited from pasdoc tokenizer and scanner):

  • Handles $ifdef and related constructs

  • Handles FPC macros (very useful if you want to use FPC source code using macros in Delphi)

  • Handles $include

  • Preserves whitespace

The preprocessor behavior can be configured by a couple of command-line options, a subset of PasDoc command line options. Run pascal_pre_proc --help to get a list of supported options. Examples of use:

  • Basic test of handling macros using ok_macros.pas file from pasdoc tests:

    pascal_pre_proc pasdoc/tests/ok_macros.pas
  • Generate a single (without any $includes and $ifdefs) source code of the SysUtils unit for Linux/i386 target from FPC sources:

    pascal_pre_proc unix/sysutils.pp \
     -I objpas/sysutils/ -I inc/ -I i386/ -I ./linux/ \
     -D UNIX -D cpui386 > linux_i386_sysutils.pas

    Note that this is not perfect. because proper handling of $if and $elseif conditions is not implemented yet.