PasDoc ยป FileAsHeaderOrFooter

You can specify a text file which PasDoc should use as a header or footer on all of the pages.

Use --header or -H on the CommandLine to specify a file to use as header, use --footer or -F to specify the footer.


pasdoc --header myheader.html --footer myfooter.html

The header and footer are right now only used in the HTML output.

  • The header is inserted right after the opening element of the right documentation column (<td class="content"> right now).

  • The footer is inserted right before the ending element of the right documentation column (</td> right now).

The header and footer contents are pasted directly to the resulting output. This means that you can use HTML tags freely, but make sure that the resulting contents is always a valid HTML.

Do not specify multiple headers or footers. Right now, PasDoc will only use the last one:

pasdoc --header firstheader.html --header secondheader.html

This will only include the file secondheader.html in the output (right now, but we may change this behavior in the future).