PasDoc ยป GraphVizSupport

PasDoc supports the GraphViz package for generating simple unit uses and class inheritance graphs.

There are four CommandLine options that can be used:

Options to create graph files

--graphviz-uses and --graphviz-classes will generate and files that can be used as input for the dot program from the GraphViz package like this:

dot -T png > GVUses.png
dot -T png > GVClasses.png

This will generate a file GVUses.png containing a graph of unit dependencies and GVClasses.png containing a graph of class dependencies.


The generated graph is usually rather wide which makes it a bit awkward to use. By setting the "rankdir" graph attribute to "LR" the graph will be built left to right rather than the default top to bottom direction resulting in a much more convenient format:

dot -Grankdir=LR -T png > GVUses.png

--link-gv-uses and --link-gv-classes will add a link to the overview frame pointing to the pictures generated with dot. You must pass the file extension of the picture (dot can also generate gif and lots of other formats). So if you generate png you must call PasDoc with a CommandLine like this:

pasdoc --link-gv-uses png --link-gv-classes png --graphviz-uses --graphviz-classes ...