PasDoc ยป NoMacroOption

CommandLine option --no-macro tells pasdoc to not handle macros. In PasDocGui you can uncheck the box Recognize FPC macros syntax when parsing.

Macros are supported by FPC and look like

{$define MY_CONST := 3 + 1}
const Four = MY_CONST;

By default, macro support is turned on in pasdoc. Even if you don’t use FPC macros in your sources, there’s extremely small chance that you will ever need to use this option to turn macro support off. You really need to turn macro support off only if you write some strange things like

{$define MY_CONST := 3 + 1}

and you expect that your compiler (Delphi, FPC) will ignore the ":= 3 + 1_" part_ (and treat the directive as equivalent to simple {$define MY_CONST} ).