PasDoc ยป HtmlHeadBodyBeginEndOptions

These three command-line options insert custom HTML code to every generated page.

  • --html-head <filename.html> adds content inside the HTML <head> element.

  • --html-body-begin <filename.html> adds content right after the <body>.

  • --html-body-end <filename.html> adds content right before the </body>.

They offer you a lot of possibilities:

  • In --html-head you can add links to additional CSS files. (Remember that you can also replace the original CSS code using --css option.)

  • You can add links to external JavaScript files. Some of them should to --html-head, some to --html-body-end. Consult the documentation of the particular JavaScript code.

  • You can add navigation panel to the top and/or bottom of every page.

  • Using both --html-body-begin and --html-body-end you can wrap the whole PasDoc content in an additional container (like <div class="pasdoc-container">…​</div>). This can be useful e.g. to style the content selectively, or add a custom sidebar to it.

Note that --html-body-begin and --html-body-end are different from --header and --footer options. The --header and --footer add content at the beginning/end of the right documentation column. The --html-body-begin and --html-body-end add content at the beginning/end of the whole HTML page.